Empower Storage For Renewable

13 December 2016

Radio Caraïbes International

Clara Vincent, journalist, editor and reporter for Radio Caraïbes International, a Martinique branch, questions Kelli Mamadou, president and founder of E-SIMS about her career and motivation for the creation of E-SIMS and for her Choice of location in Fort-de-France. The interview took place on December 13, 2016 and was put on airwaves on January 10, […]  Read more

28 November 2016

GreenTech Media

In its article of November 28, 2016, Jason Deign, editor and journalist specialized in renewable energies at GreenTechMedia, lists E-SIMS among the 12 European start-ups to follow in the field of storage of Renewable Energies. This article follows our participation in the TBB (The Business Booster) organized by our partner InnoEnergy and which took place […]  Read more

11 November 2016

Informations Entreprise

On November 11, 2016, the magazine Informations Entreprise made an article about E-SIMS and its software solutions that make it possible to optimize and pool the storage of renewable energies. In this article, we explain our ALOE product, awarded in 2015 by the i-LAB award for its innovative character. And for the first time in […]  Read more

11 October 2016

CleanTech Republic

In October 2016, CleanTech Republic, the magazine of eco-innovations and green technologies for a more eco-friendly economy, took a closer look at E-SIMS following the signing of its partnership with InnoEnergy France. This organization supports many start-ups at the forefront of innovation in the field of energy. Below is the link to the article (in […]  Read more

16 July 2016

Green News Techno

In May and June 2016, E-SIMS participated in its first exhibitions (Paris, Le Bourget du Lac, Grenoble), as an exhibitor and speaker (see also “our news \ Agenda” for more information). On this occasion, Cécile Clicquot de Mentque, editor-in-chief of Green News Techno magazine, met Kelli Mamadou and asked her about the company and its […]  Read more

15 March 2016

E-SIMS interviewed by Radio RCF Savoie

On March 15, 2016, Bruno Fournier, journalist at RCF Savoie, asked Kelli Mamadou, CEO and founder of E-SIMS, about her motivation to create her company and the solutions it provides in the context of the energy transition. E-SIMS is headquartered in Martinique, close to their first customers and also has offices implanted in Savoie Technolac, […]  Read more