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Help Small Island States and Territories succeed their Energetic Transition

Solar and storage are major levers of the Energy Transition of Small Island States and Territories. Now competitive with all forms of fossil fuels, solar and storage are opening up a new energy era for these territories. An era rich in economies, jobs, independence, economic development, preservation of the environment and the generation of new social organizations

Beyond production and storage technologies, which are now mature enough to contribute to this transformation, new economic models have to be invented, capable of taking into account the diversity of the strengths and constraints of each territory.

These new economic models will have to be transcribed into powerful algorithms that are scalable but reliable, accessible but secure, dynamic but robust; Supported by service platforms allowing historical and new players as well as consumers to play a sustained active role in the energy world of tomorrow

From planning to exploitation, our ambition is to enable all players in the Small Island States and Territories to be the leaders of this transition.


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